Friday, September 18, 2009

No, please tell me 'Hammer Pants' aren't back?!

It's been a bit since I've written but I have been all over the place lately!

Ok, so I had this horrible dream that those horrid things I had when I was in grade school called 'Hammer Pants' were back. I woke up this morning and realized that no, it is not a dream, it's reality! I just got back on Tuesday from NYC, where Fashion Week was taking place. Geez oh man was it crazy there. I'm thinking, 'Um, can everyone please go home?' Complete crazytimes.

Anyway, one of the newest and 'hottest' pieces of fashion this year are a revamp of the hammer pants we all know and love from those fabulous mid 80's. Except this time, they are called, 'Harem Pants'. EW, Ick, and Um, Eww. I don't care what Chloe, Valmain, or Dries Van Noten have to say. Those things are HIDEOUS. With a capital HIDEOUS.

Even if you are a slave to fashion, and love all that is fashionable, I think there comes a time when you have to pass on making yourself look ridiculous before stepping out of your house. ;)



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

High Heels for Babies?

Who in their right mind would put high heels on a baby?! Those sick… um I WOULD! Let me introduce you to Heelarious… the soft shoed high heels for babies 0-6 months. Whether it’s just for a cute photo op, or for you show off your lil Diva in the making, these things are amazing! I just ordered a pair for my girlfriend in West Virginia for her soon to be here newborn ‘Madeline’. They even have rubber credit card teethers! Check out the website for ordering information, and to see pics of celebrities who love Heelarious baby high heels too. This is a great shower idea too, as they are most definitely a show stopper!

A Tuesday Kinda Thing.....

Oh Tuesday… Tuesday gets no credit for anything now does it? Ok, ok... Except for the "C U next Tuesday" line, he's got nothin'. Everyone hates Mister Monday, Wednesday is Hump day, Thursday is the pre-weekend night so people like him, and Friday is pizza night memories as a kid, along with Full House, Family Matters, and Perfect Strangers. It then becomes the day everyone looks forward to as the work week is done, plans for parties and get-togethers and just pure relaxation can follow through. Saturday is everyone’s favorite. And Sunday can either be the coziest, or the loneliest day of the week. Why am I talking about all of this ‘days of the week’ garbage? I have no idea. Anyway, Mister Tuesday never gets any credit much like MANY of the things I love dearly! So I will now pick Tuesday as my own special day of the week. I use it as my day to plan out the rest of the week. It’s an awesome planning day. I use to collect my thoughts, ideas, and get myself together for the following week. I <3 you Mister Tuesday. Even if no one else cares.

So I’m always being told by my Mother and nearly everyone else who hears I’m dieting,

“Make sure you eat something first thing in the morning to get that metabolism started”.
OK. I will. I have found two of the most amazing things to not only cure my hunger, but get my metabolism started, AND are absolutely delicious! First, after reading Bethenny Frankel’s book, I heard her refer to ‘Greek Yogurt”. OK, well I finally tried me some Greek Yogurt and homegirl was right. This stuff is un-freakin-believable! I prefer the peach or the strawberry. But there are lots of flavors to choose from. You stir up the yogurt part, which is EXTREMELY silky and creamy. Nothing like real yogurt. And then you stir up the lil fruity stuff in the compartment beside the yogurt. Be careful not to mix it. You have to eat it a specific way, and it’s amazing. The fruity part is so sweet, tangy, fresh, and delicious! The next must have for a morning snack are the ‘Kashi Roll” bars. You will not find them with the other breakfast bars, or even with the Kashi section. For some reason they are over beside the PowerBars and garbage protein bars like that. They have been repackaged several times, but let me tell you, these things are AMAZING! They have a chewy texture, with a crunchy outside, and the most amazing flavor. And they are great for you! I buy both of these items @ Giant Eagle, but I think any grocer probably has them!  Let me know if you try them!
Just like Tuesday, there are tons of great things out there no one really mentions. I love finding these new things. If you have any Tuesday ideas to share with me, I’d LOVE to hear em’.

Infinite X’s and O’s,
Rae ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just one of them days...

That a girl goes through... When I'm angry inside, don't wanna take it out on you. Do you remember that song? It just popped in my head as I was starting to write for today. But for the life of me I can't remember who on earth sings it! It was one of those R&B girl groups of the 90's. I know that much!

Back in my days in Nashville, TN, I would go to Marshall's on my lunch hour a couple of times a week. I've never really been a huge fan of Marshall's. It's always very hit or miss. I digress. Anyway, I picked up this black stretchy fitted Roxy hoodie, and at the time, it was most definitely an impulse buy. It looked cozy, but I never thought I would wear it more than once. Well here it is 2 years later, and I've probably wore this thing in the 50's of times. Which for me, is unheard of. Because of some pretty jacked up events, which I will go into later, I knew today was gonna be one of them days. But I put this stretchy, comfy, cozy, and quite comforting hoodie on, and it has actually helped me feel better. As obnoxious as that may sound, a polka dot ratty black hoody, shirt thing, made me feel safe. Thank the Lord I'm an impulse buyer! ;) (seriously not reccommended)

p.s. The pic is my EXACT hoodie. Except mine is in black. Can't you feel the comfiness from the screen?! You should. :D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sparkle, Receive it, and Live it.

Why hello there. It's so wonderful to have you here! Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. :) I have wanted to start bloggin' it up for the longest. Lord knows I read about 50 other blogs a day. And that's on a slow day at work. Just kidding! Not really.

I've decided to name my blog Glitter, Love, and Truth because those are the three things vital to a girls life. If you don't have these, girlfriend you ain't livin. There have been so many experiences in my life that I long to share, and mistakes that I've made that could very easily be avoided. Small silly ones, and huge monstrous ones. If one person that is reading this is having a bad day even cracks a smile, or gets a little sense of hope out of it. Baring my soul is worth it.

I also want to share lots of news, sillies, beauty, health, and makeup tips as well! Can't wait to start pouring it all out there!

Many Kisses,