Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sparkle, Receive it, and Live it.

Why hello there. It's so wonderful to have you here! Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. :) I have wanted to start bloggin' it up for the longest. Lord knows I read about 50 other blogs a day. And that's on a slow day at work. Just kidding! Not really.

I've decided to name my blog Glitter, Love, and Truth because those are the three things vital to a girls life. If you don't have these, girlfriend you ain't livin. There have been so many experiences in my life that I long to share, and mistakes that I've made that could very easily be avoided. Small silly ones, and huge monstrous ones. If one person that is reading this is having a bad day even cracks a smile, or gets a little sense of hope out of it. Baring my soul is worth it.

I also want to share lots of news, sillies, beauty, health, and makeup tips as well! Can't wait to start pouring it all out there!

Many Kisses,