Friday, July 16, 2010

A Practice Baby?!!?

Someone at work yesterday asked me how much experience that I had solely caring for a baby. The last time I had any experience with a real, live, crying baby was um, well… Never. The closest I came will go all the way back to 10th grade baby experiment that took place in our Parenting class.

How the parenting class ended up on my schedule is a bit hard for me to remember. I have to come to the conclusion that it was either a bunch of my friends were taking it, or I signed up for the elective to avoid another one in which I either had to add, subtract, or dissect something. Anyway, I still remember sitting in Mrs. Laraba’s classroom when the magical, crying babies were passed out to each of us, along with the key to make them stop crying. I believe they were called, “Baby Think it Over” dolls. Yes, Liberty High School in Glen Daniel, West Virginia had this wonderful technology. And this was back in 1999 folks!

The point of the project, was to learn what it was like to be a real live parent, with a real live crying baby. The baby would cry at different intervals of the day, and night, and to pacify this baby, you would insert a magic key into the baby’s back, and you would have to hold it until the baby made no more noise and , ‘fell back asleep’. The baby supposedly had sensors inside that would tell our teacher how many times we fed it with the miraculous key, or just ignored it and let it scream all night. It also would report any signs of abuse such as throwing it against a wall, pinching it, or anything like that. This would obviously grant you an automatic F = FAIL on the project which would bring down your entire grade since it counted for something like 30% of the final grade in the class.

When it was my turn to take care of “Baby Gumby” for the week, (that’s what I named him b/c his feet were sort of block shaped and flat like Gumby’s…. plus I really love Gumby, and Pokey!) everything started off so sweet and loving. I found myself being even being affectionate to Baby Gumby! Baby Gumby made no noise until he was hungry, and as his screaming would start, I just placed the key in his back and he stopped immediately. WOW. That was easy. I was gonna cover Baby Gumby in kisses for making this 100% A PLUS that I was going to receive so easy! The lil coos and ahhs he made as he was being fed with the key were so freakin’ adorable!!! Until he decided to start waking me up in the middle of the night. Oh Baby Gumby became SO not cute anymore. After waking at 11, 1, then 3 all in the same night on Tuesday, I was dreading what Wednesday was going to be like. Wednesday came around, and not only was I SO sleepy, but Baby Gumby was NOT sleepy. Oy vey.

Anyway, that night, when the cries started to erupt from this lil plastic doll, I inserted the key and it broke. Yes, the key broke into Baby Gumby’s back and now the cries seemed to get louder. And as I laid there for another hour of the crying, and realized that my mom and step-dad were probably about 2.5 seconds from throwing the baby threw the window, I took him outside, wrapped him up in some blankets and placed him in my car. While I didn’t get an automatic fail, I still passed the class! I still hold a special place for Baby Gumby in my heart.

These days the technology of these pretend babies are INSANE. The kids now wear bracelets with censors built in, and when the baby cries, they can actually burp them, feed them, change a diaper, etc. and when the censor moves over the area that the baby was crying about, he stops crying! Then there is a more specific printout the instructor can give the student to show how many feedings, naptimes, etc. that they missed. Sounds much better than a broken key!

Moral of this story…. I’ve got a lot to learn. ;)


I haven’t written back to you and I’m SO sorry. I don’t get on much and when I do, it’s through my cell phone, so I can’t write back the long responses I want to. So just email me at and I will be sure to receive your message and can write you back right away!

A lot of people have been asking me why I am having a child and am not married. I’m as sweet as it gets, and love everyone SO much but I have to say that was what ran me away from the church the first time. There are people having sex, doing drugs, and a whole lot worse going on, and for me to be a 28 year old woman who has been through hell and back, having just got my life back together and am SO in love with my Lord, I did mess up. But, what really happened, and why isn’t really anyone’s bid-ness. Except my close friends and family. So let’s just leave it at that. All I care about is that I am gonna have this baby and love on it constantly. It’s a blessing. And with that said… If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. You wouldn’t believe some of the things people say! Unreal. :-/

But I wanna leave this on a happy note….. It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! I think I may drive down to WV so everybody get ready for some Canterberry to come in to town!!!! It may get a little crazy.

:) Nah, not anymore. ;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Byebye to Justin Bobby's Hair, and To Bein' a Mean Girl

So I’m already dreading saying goodbye to Audrina, Kristin, Lo, and Stephanie tonight on The Hills. As cheesfully scripted it was, I still was a bit addicted and will miss guessing who would swap spit next week. Aww. Too bad. So sad, BUT it looks like there will be show about Audrina, and also if those rumours are true, Heidi and Jen Bunny will have their own show. I’ll pass on that one… right… WHO AM I KIDDING???

It’s been a bit of a crazy life lately. My emotions are going crazy, and I can’t pin it just on any one thing. I have to do what is right for me, my lil baby (which I get to find out the sex of in just a few weeks), and our future.  More to come on all of that stuff!!!  

Nonetheless all of it has got me thinking.  And over the past few years, I’ve held so much in, and had a fa├žade that I was super happy, when in reality I was dying inside. So many of my friends and family that are close, know the struggles that I have held inside and tried to deal with on my own. Other people probably just think I’m crazy, and many couldn't care less. It makes me start to think of how I treat other people that I begin to judge quickly, let get on my nerves, or simply just brush them off as a ________ "fill in the blank". It makes me sick to know that people did and continue to do that to me without even knowing what has been done to me and how many times I’ve been hurt and whoa whoa whoa wait a minute. I do the exact same thing to people, that was driving me straight to a living hell. And probably if I had kept going a very ‘literal’ hell. Thank you Jesus. Seriously. THANK YOU. I will never, ever, ever look at a single person again and think, dang, that girl is a serious biatch without wondering why. It DOES however bother me when the 'religious' come out in people that wanna sound all spiritual and important.  

It happened to me in my weekly Women's Bible Study Group a lady made sure that when dealing with people we had a problem with we should, ‘SEE THEM WITH GODS EYES’ OK. That would’ve been great if you were looking at me with His eyes lady. But ever since I came to this Bible study you are staring at me, whispering, contradicting every idea or comment that comes out of my mouth. Could YOU please see me with his eyes? PLEASE? I left that church group the very next day and never went back.  Call me sensitive, call me crazy, tell me to toughen up. But NOONE knows what the person next to you is dealing, has dealt with, or what they are going through. We haven't the slightest idea how bad someone could possibly hurting.

I'm sure she probably didn’t like the fact that I had tattoos and 4 inch funky heels and crazy hair and had a different type of personality, but some of the things she did and said towards me went too far. And at a Women’s Bible Study no less? Had she followed her own directions and ‘SAW ME WITH GODS EYES’ she would’ve seen a girl on her last leg, with one last hope in the world. Someone who begs to be lifted off of the floor for forgiveness and someone who DOESN’T think they are special. All I wanted was to feel the love of Jesus that night. I felt like I had been asked to leave.  I had felt lonlier than ever. 

OK, I’m getting all teary eyed even remembering all that. And didn’t even plan on writing that on here. But it just came out somehow. ;) Anyhow, just in case you decide to throw a little, hair toss smirky-nasty on someone.... If someone is being a total jerkface to you, or even just getting on your nerves for no reason, there probably is a reason behind what it is about them that you don’t like. For me, doing this is a process. I have to keep reminding myself that I haven't walked in their shoes, nor do I know what kind of mess they woke up to this morning. And it’s tough. But life isn’t fun when you can’t stand people anyway. So it feels better to know that they probably have either been through something a whole lotta crappy, or maybe they are feeling something from you that they don’t understand or like. Which if that is the case, (In the words of Willy Wonka) they need strike that flip it and reverse it.  :)

OK wow, wasn’t expecting to write all of that. I love ya’ll….. Have fun watching The Hills tonight!!! Don’t forget there is a reunion show too! WOOHOO… Ok, I need to calm down I am WAYYYY more into Real Housewives these days but come on a Series Finale?? I have to get excited.


Spencer Pratt,

I’m sorry to hear you don’t have a place to live now. ( ) I think you should go spend the night with that family whose kid you were so nice to. Yeah, lil Enzo. They will let you stay there! I would offer you my couch but your flesh colored beard could possibly scare or offend my dog and cat. Good Luck Buddy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Only because you asked! :)

Crikey it's hot out there! 

A lot of you have asked me to tell you more about my NYC story. The details that lie beneath each minute of that ordeal still can be recalled as if they happened yesterday. There is so much that I want to talk about that I still can’t yet. But I will. One memory that sticks with me is while I was waiting to be placed in a cell, I hadn’t eaten anything so of course I was starving. Actually I was so upset I wasn’t hungry but almost two days without food was starting to make me feel even worse. A part of the prison program for inmates who are there for an extended period of time, let the women have a job in the prison, and in return not only does the time go by faster, but they get a couple of bucks for their Commissary account. (If you don't know what a Commissary account is look it up, I've always wanted to say that.) A tiny girl that told me to call her ‘CeCe’ was mopping the floor when she had to come in my holding cell to mop and sweep around me. She asked why I was there, and after I told her my story she said , ‘I’ll be right back’. CeCe returned with a plastic kitchen glove, with a fresh piece of chicken inside. She let me know that it was ‘Chicken Day’ in the kitchen, and it was the only day the food was good. Then instructed me to eat it fast so she, (or I), didn’t get into trouble. I ate it in about 2.5 seconds and CeCe was right. It was some good chicken. :)

Ok, that’s all of that subject I feel like talking about today. It’s so strange being the crazydays of summer and coming home after work and not going out at night to party it up in a ridiculous manner I might add. Instead I’m starting to Volunteer at a Hospice Program, Reading like mad, and among other things, have become hooked on downloadable games from Amazon. Has anyone ever played the CakeMania Game? Or those hidden find games? Those are the best! I have to practically get dragged off of the couch. I feel that the season of fast moving, and moving constantly for selfish reasons, have finally come to an end. I tried so many times in the words of Vanilla Ice to stop, collaborate and listen. But something just wasn’t gelling. And it’s OK. No matter how many times you fall off the horse, go down the wrong path, miss the turn b/c the GPS took you the wrong way (just like putting far too much trust in people), it’s no one else’s place to tell you messed up one time too many. When God picks you up again, dusts you off, of course it’s not time to run and jump in a mud puddle on purpose, but if you happen to fall in, the price has already been paid for you to get washed off again. I’m so thankful for that grace. It is THAT, that has saved my life, and kept me alive.

Alright well now it’s about that time for lunch. I SO wish I could order Hibachi to go. Is that possible? I’m going to call and ask. Like, while the guy is cooking at the table for 5 people he could cook mine too and throw it in a box. A pink sparkly box would be nice. I also want to watch ‘13 Going on 30’ for some reason. I may just do that when I get home.



p.s. Lindsay Lohan, I hope you stay strong in the Klink. Show off all your tats. That will give you some street cred and maybe you won’t get beat up.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mommy's Future lil DIVA or ROCKSTAR! ;)

SO long since I've written.  I'm sorry, and this will SO not be a normal occurrence.  Morning sickness has overtaken my life and whoever called it 'MORNING' sickness can kiss my hiney.  It's more like am I dying +stomach flu + hangover where tequila was involved.  Which = no blogging.  I'm now almost in my 2nd Trimester so I feel like doing stuff again YAY!  My blog isn't going to be all baby related, just this one post, then back to more fun stuff to talk to about with my readers.  If you aren't preggo, or don't have kids, it can be quite boring to read about it.  Nevertheless, here is my update: (it won't be too often i give them on this site)

 As most of you know, I am expecting my lil baby bundle of joy and poo and cries and laughs and lots more surprises on January 12th! I think about the lil peanuckle everyday and lay my hands on my belly and pray. Thank you Jesus for my lil miracle. I'll keep you ALL updated, as of now I'm only 13 weeks.

Morning sickness is FINALLY starting to subside, but the cravings are going crazy! Hot Fries are my weakness. I eat a small bag nearly every day! How horrible is that?! I am STILL craving mini baby carrots like crazy. But something about Italian food is making me sick. The other day I ate at Red Robin and they probably regretted it when they invented the 'Bottomless Fries' idea when I walked through the door. I followed it with the largest piece of cake you've ever seen. I think I even licked the plate to get the last drop of fudge. Accidently of course. Oopsies. ;)

It's all so crazy and weird to adjust to, but I'm more excited than I can imagine! You can't see my baby bump TOO much, but I did go to the pool to relax on Sunday and here is my first baby bump picture! Along with my 'Knocked Up' Dairy Queen ice cream cake. And my infamous plate licking sensation from Red Robin. LOVE YOU ALL!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Following are some pics, and next time I'll be writing about stuff a lil bit of everyone may be interested in. 


My 3 month baby bump!!!!! :)

I'd been craving a Dairy Queen ice cream cake... So it says "KNOCKED UP" LOVED IT.

I literally licked the plate. YUMMY GOODNESS.