Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Only because you asked! :)

Crikey it's hot out there! 

A lot of you have asked me to tell you more about my NYC story. The details that lie beneath each minute of that ordeal still can be recalled as if they happened yesterday. There is so much that I want to talk about that I still can’t yet. But I will. One memory that sticks with me is while I was waiting to be placed in a cell, I hadn’t eaten anything so of course I was starving. Actually I was so upset I wasn’t hungry but almost two days without food was starting to make me feel even worse. A part of the prison program for inmates who are there for an extended period of time, let the women have a job in the prison, and in return not only does the time go by faster, but they get a couple of bucks for their Commissary account. (If you don't know what a Commissary account is look it up, I've always wanted to say that.) A tiny girl that told me to call her ‘CeCe’ was mopping the floor when she had to come in my holding cell to mop and sweep around me. She asked why I was there, and after I told her my story she said , ‘I’ll be right back’. CeCe returned with a plastic kitchen glove, with a fresh piece of chicken inside. She let me know that it was ‘Chicken Day’ in the kitchen, and it was the only day the food was good. Then instructed me to eat it fast so she, (or I), didn’t get into trouble. I ate it in about 2.5 seconds and CeCe was right. It was some good chicken. :)

Ok, that’s all of that subject I feel like talking about today. It’s so strange being the crazydays of summer and coming home after work and not going out at night to party it up in a ridiculous manner I might add. Instead I’m starting to Volunteer at a Hospice Program, Reading like mad, and among other things, have become hooked on downloadable games from Amazon. Has anyone ever played the CakeMania Game? Or those hidden find games? Those are the best! I have to practically get dragged off of the couch. I feel that the season of fast moving, and moving constantly for selfish reasons, have finally come to an end. I tried so many times in the words of Vanilla Ice to stop, collaborate and listen. But something just wasn’t gelling. And it’s OK. No matter how many times you fall off the horse, go down the wrong path, miss the turn b/c the GPS took you the wrong way (just like putting far too much trust in people), it’s no one else’s place to tell you messed up one time too many. When God picks you up again, dusts you off, of course it’s not time to run and jump in a mud puddle on purpose, but if you happen to fall in, the price has already been paid for you to get washed off again. I’m so thankful for that grace. It is THAT, that has saved my life, and kept me alive.

Alright well now it’s about that time for lunch. I SO wish I could order Hibachi to go. Is that possible? I’m going to call and ask. Like, while the guy is cooking at the table for 5 people he could cook mine too and throw it in a box. A pink sparkly box would be nice. I also want to watch ‘13 Going on 30’ for some reason. I may just do that when I get home.



p.s. Lindsay Lohan, I hope you stay strong in the Klink. Show off all your tats. That will give you some street cred and maybe you won’t get beat up.