Friday, July 2, 2010

Mommy's Future lil DIVA or ROCKSTAR! ;)

SO long since I've written.  I'm sorry, and this will SO not be a normal occurrence.  Morning sickness has overtaken my life and whoever called it 'MORNING' sickness can kiss my hiney.  It's more like am I dying +stomach flu + hangover where tequila was involved.  Which = no blogging.  I'm now almost in my 2nd Trimester so I feel like doing stuff again YAY!  My blog isn't going to be all baby related, just this one post, then back to more fun stuff to talk to about with my readers.  If you aren't preggo, or don't have kids, it can be quite boring to read about it.  Nevertheless, here is my update: (it won't be too often i give them on this site)

 As most of you know, I am expecting my lil baby bundle of joy and poo and cries and laughs and lots more surprises on January 12th! I think about the lil peanuckle everyday and lay my hands on my belly and pray. Thank you Jesus for my lil miracle. I'll keep you ALL updated, as of now I'm only 13 weeks.

Morning sickness is FINALLY starting to subside, but the cravings are going crazy! Hot Fries are my weakness. I eat a small bag nearly every day! How horrible is that?! I am STILL craving mini baby carrots like crazy. But something about Italian food is making me sick. The other day I ate at Red Robin and they probably regretted it when they invented the 'Bottomless Fries' idea when I walked through the door. I followed it with the largest piece of cake you've ever seen. I think I even licked the plate to get the last drop of fudge. Accidently of course. Oopsies. ;)

It's all so crazy and weird to adjust to, but I'm more excited than I can imagine! You can't see my baby bump TOO much, but I did go to the pool to relax on Sunday and here is my first baby bump picture! Along with my 'Knocked Up' Dairy Queen ice cream cake. And my infamous plate licking sensation from Red Robin. LOVE YOU ALL!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Following are some pics, and next time I'll be writing about stuff a lil bit of everyone may be interested in. 


My 3 month baby bump!!!!! :)

I'd been craving a Dairy Queen ice cream cake... So it says "KNOCKED UP" LOVED IT.

I literally licked the plate. YUMMY GOODNESS.