Monday, September 20, 2010

He's just that into me. :)

So lots has happened since my last Glitter Love post! I have a new job, my car broke down on the side of a speedy interstate on the way to my 10 year high school reunion leaving me stranded and unable to attend, and Lady Gaga is officially batpoop crazy.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to listen, you can check out my interview with Courtnee Scott @ Handmaiden Live here  or here . Courtnee is SO beautiful, obvi, but not only that, but girlfriend is also shakin’ things up in the Kingdom of God and beyond with her blog and radio show, where so many truths others won't share, are shared.  Making it obvious why her show is transparent, true, taboo. :) You can connect to her many ways, but you can start by going to to check out what Courtnee has got goin’ on.

Lately the transition I have been experiencing has been blowin’ my mind. Not only has God given me the courage and strength to learn to let go of what other people think, but He has also helped me to begin living a transparent life and letting my past be a testimony instead of being ashamed of it.

The hurt that we experience in life, can many times transfer over into our actions, or can become strongholds in our mind. I’m so thankful that God has turned my mourning into dancing, and that I have a hope. As do you! Granted, life is not always lollipops and daises, but it is a darn good feeling to have someone to run to when I don’t know what to do. If I’m hurting, embarrassed, lonely, or depressed, He’s there. If I’m excited, joyful, giddy, or encouraged, He’s there. He’s not gonna breakup with me, or decide to not call me back b/c He’s just not that into me. ;)  He IS just that into me.  And He's just that into you all the same.  You have no idea how crazy He is about you.  Maybe you do, and if so, get it honey... Because it’s an amazing love, and discovering it all over again, in an entirely new way is more than I can explain.

I’m finishing up something tonight that the Lord has been showing me about where we place our joy… Can’t wait to finishing posting it for all of you to read. I will be giving GLT much more attention over the coming weeks, as there is so much the Lord is laying on my heart to share with all of you.

Love you MUCH!


p.s. Um, Dancing with the Stars anyone?? The Hoff, The Situation, I mean how could you miss it? Also, SPARKLES everywhere!!!! I just want to see David Hasselhoff eat a cheeseburger while laying on the floor shirtless. I think I will youtube that again right now just because. LOL… Thanks Hoff.


Valerie said...

Hi Rachel, not sure if you remember me from BC, but I'm a new follower of your blog. Really enjoyed this one! He IS that into us! How cool! And you're right, sharing our struggles shouldn't be embarrassing, but freeing! Keep posting! xoxo